The Evangelical Church was founded by Pastor Leonardo S. Mercado. As a youngboy in Williams, Arizona, young Leonardo was invited by a young Anglo Neighbor boy to visit his Methodist Sunday School. Leonardo refused to attend for quite a while but due to the neighbor boy's persistence he finally went, heard the Gospel of Salvation and received Christ as his very own personal Savior. years later, Leonardo and his wife Hazel, moved to Phoenix, Arizona where, with a handful of committed brethren, began meeting in the front room of a deacon named Carillo on Jefferson Street near the edge of downtown Phoenix. On the evening of Thanksgiving Day in the year 1930 that little flock organized as a fledging church, La Iglesia Evangelica Mexicana.      The only surviving soul of those who met together in those first weeks and months is Dr. Dick Mercado who, as a little baby born on March 23, 193, was present in most of those early services. In God´s great grace and good pleasure, the day came when Dickie grew up, received God´s call to serve with the church and in 1970 succeeded the founder as senior pastor of the church. 1994, Dick Mercado Jr. succeeded his father as the third senior pastor of The Evangelical Church. After nine years of faithful service God called Pastor Dick Jr. and his family to the west valley to plant a new church, WestPoint Baptist Church.      As the church prayed to find a senior pastor, several faithful men filled the pulpit, Pastors Bacilio Alfaro, Alex Millan and Joseph Rubio all shepherded the flock before Steven M. Rubio was called to be the new senior pastor in August of 2009. We praise the Lord that for more than 80 years the Evangelical Baptist Church has not been wanting of sound preaching and doctrine. Indeed the Lord has been our shepherd; we have not lacked any good thing. “Unto Him be glory in the church of Christ Jesus Throughout all ages, world without end. Amen and Amen (Eph. 3:21)!

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